Longitudinal welding

The longitudinal welding machine consists of a frame, a sheet metal clamp and a guide bar with a support, as well as elements for adjusting the burner. The sheet metal clamp has a copper underlay with built-in gas blowing. The maximum possible weld length is limited by two limiters on the guide rail. The length of any weld is determined on the control box’s modular display. It is possible to change the parameters during welding.
The burner elements allow the burner to be adjusted to the desired position, position correction is possible during the welding process itself.

We use AVP VSV 201 GZCN in longitudinal welding


Technical specifications:

Welding length: 2050mm
Max. cylinder diameter: 1200mm
Min. cylinder diameter: 130mm
Sheet thickness: 0,6–3mm
Burner feed rate: 0,6–2,3m/min
Connection voltage and power: 220V; 200VA
Air connection: 1/4; 6 bar
Dimensions (mm) : 3000mm; 950mm; 1800mm

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