Welding is the joining of metal parts into an inseparable whole. TIG process welding is the most widely used type. We also use MIG/MAG welding, and spot welding.

In fusion welding, the material is heated to the melting point at the weld point. The welding groove is filled with additional material in the form of a wire, which must be of similar composition as the workpiece. Fusion welding is divided into flame and fusion arc welding. Arc welding is divided into coated electrode welding and gas-shielded welding. We use the latter, too.

Spot welding presses the parts together by two opposite electrodes that conduct electricity at the same time.


TIG process: Welding with tungsten electrode
MIG process: Welding with fusible electrodes, with an inert gas (argon) used as a shielding gas
MAG process: This process uses low-cost gases (CO2)

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