Surface treatment

For the surface treatment of our products, we use electropolishing, galvanising, sandblasting and powder coating (contractors).

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process of polishing metal surface. We remove microscopic amounts of material from the workpiece, which evens out the surface and provides a glossy surface to the workpiece. The electropolished product has a nice shiny gloss, and the surface has an anti-corrosive effect.

Galvanising is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly and long-term corrosion protection methods. When galvanising steel in a hot zinc melt, metallurgical bonding of zinc and steel occurs, creating a protective oxide layer.


Glass bead blasting is the process of cleaning surfaces using glass beads on surfaces under a high air pressure and at a high speed, which is why blasting is a process that completely removes even the most stubborn of impurities. Blasting also acts as a primer for further processing of sheet metal, e.g. colouring.

We use two blast chambers:

CAB-135 S

Technical specifications:

Interior dimensions L×W×H: 1,350×1,100×1,070mm
External dimensions L×W×H: 1,470×1,700×2,140mm
Door size W×H: 990×1,000mm
DC filter type: DC-750
Cyclone type: R-400
Filter surface: 20m²
Electrical connection: 0.75kW, 380

CAB-110 S

Technical specifications:

Interior dimensions L×W×H: 1,100×800×740mm
External dimensions L×W×H: 1,340×1,220×1,990mm
Door size W×H: 690×640mm
DC filter type: DC-550
Cyclone type: R-350
Filter surface: 20m²
Electrical connection: 0.55kW, 380V

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