Bending – It is known that elastic and permanent deformation occur in bending, the inner fibres shrink, they expand perpendicular to this direction, the outer fibres stretch and shrink at the same time. Due to the presence of elastic deformations, the material is partially straightened after the transformation is finished. The higher the plasticity limit and ratio r/s is, and the smaller the material thickness s is, the higher the straightening.

By preparing the required pieces to the highest quality on the laser and punching machine, and ensuring the experience and motivation of the employee on the bending machine, we ensure repeatable and accurate bending and produce elements of complex shapes within tight tolerances.

Amada Schiavi RG 80/30

Technical specifications:

TYPE: RG 80 30
NC steering
Power of pressure: 800kN
Max. bending length: 3000mm
Max. bending thickness: 10mm

Bystronic Xpress 100/3100

Technical specifications:

TYPE: Xpress 100
Power of pressure: 1000kN
Max. bending length: 3100mm
Engine power: 7.5kW

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